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For Youth 

Family Foundation for Youth


Family Foundations LLC is an approved provider of Intensive In-Community Therapy and Behavioral Assistance Services. Authorized by the state Children's System of Care, Family Foundations for Youth is funded by New Jersey Medicaid to provide services for youth referred by either the Care Management Organization or the Children's Crisis Mobile Response and Stabilization Services.


Intensive In-Community Services (IIC) is a short-term in-home or in-community clinical intervention that addresses emotional and behavioral challenges of youth. It is provided by a Masters-prepared or licensed behavioral health clinician and is intended to stabilize and support the youth and family in an effort to prevent the need for more intensive interventions, or to transition care to traditional community services, and to support the youth and family in collaboration with the Child Family Team (CFT).


The primary objective of the interventions is symptom reduction and individual skill development with the goal of restoring or maintaining the youth’s functioning. IIC clinicians may provide youth and their families with an array of interventions such as psycho-education, negotiation and conflict resolution skill training, effective coping skills development, healthy limit-setting, emotional regulation skills development, stress management, self-care, symptom management, problem solving skills, and skill building that enhances self-fulfillment.


The youth and family may also receive Behavioral Assistance Services. Under the direction of a plan of care developed by the IIC Therapist in conjunction with the youth and family, the Behavior Assistant's (BA) role is to assist in the teaching of skills established in the plan of care using positive behavioral principles. While the IIC may be approved to provide up to two hours per week of service , the BA is often approved for three to five hours of intervention.

Family Foundations for Youth's IIC Therapists and Behavioral Assistants are employed by the agency to provide approved CSOC services. Each Staff person has been screened with a background check, and are licensed or certified to provide services. IICs are licensed for independent practice or for clinical practice under supervision by an independent practitioner. BAs are either Certifed or in the process of becoming certified, and are under supervision by an independent practitioner employed by Family Foundations LLC.  BAs are required to become certified within 6 months of employment. Certification requires the completion of 7 all-day trainings, attestation by their supervisor of core competencies, and receiving a passing grade for the Certification exam. All Certified BAs must be re-certified annually.

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